Online Authorization

Did you know in the state of Texas you are required to give written authorization before we can begin repairs on your vehicle? To save yourself a trip to our location, we’ve made it easy to authorize the estimated repairs to your vehicle right through our site.

    1. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE & COMMUNICATION AUTHORIZATION- I hereby authorize and consent to electronic transactions and disclosures with Texas Collision Centers. I fully agree that my electronic signature shall bear the same force and effect and serve as the legal equivalent of my manual signature for the Texas Collision Centers Repair Authorization form. I also authorize communication with Texas Collision Centers in respect to my vehicle repair by phone, email or other messaging with an understanding that I have the option to opt out of these communications at my discretion.

    2. REPAIR AUTHORIZATION- I have reviewed with Texas Collision Centers and identified the damages to the vehicle described above (the “Vehicle”) and I hereby authorize and engage Texas Collision Centers to repair all damage to the Vehicle, whether or not visible, including any additional repairs deemed necessary by Texas Collision Centers upon disassembly and close inspection (the “Repairs”). I authorize Texas Collision Centers to determine which parts of the vehicle need to be replaced or repaired as approved by the claims policy issuer and I hereby authorize Texas Collision Centers to install replacement parts as needed to comply with applicable claims policy issuer requirements and guidelines which may include the use and installation of alternative parts including aftermarket, recycled, used, like-kind quality and/or reconditioned parts.

    3. DIRECTION TO PAY- I represent and warrant that I am the owner, or the authorized agent of the owner, of the Vehicle. I acknowledge and agree that, before Texas Collision Centers shall be obligated to deliver or release the Vehicle, (i) I agree to pay, or provide to the satisfaction of Texas Collision Centers for the payment of, the entire cost of the Repairs and other amounts due hereunder and (ii) if all or any portion of the cost of the Repairs is to be paid by check or draft from an insurance company, I agree to obtain such check or draft from the insurer and deliver the same to Texas Collision Centers, properly endorsed by all payees (including any lien holder, if required) for payment to Texas Collision Centers. Additionally, I hereby agree that my insurance company may pay Texas Collision Centers directly for completed repair work including payments for any supplemental repairs. Texas Collision Centers will not accept a personal check in payment of Repairs without the valid Texas driver’s license of the maker. I agree that, if my personal check is dishonored or returned by my bank, I (i) will pay to Texas Collision Centers a return fee of $30 and (ii) hereby authorize Texas Collision Centers to electronically debit my account for the amount of such check plus the return fee.

    4. AUTHORIZATION AND ACCESS TO VEHICLE DATA- I hereby provide consent to Texas Collision Centers to extract and use data that is stored in the Vehicle, including in its event data recorder, at any time during the repair process including but not limited to prior to conducting any scanning or diagnostics operations on the Vehicle.

    5. LIABILITY-I agree that Texas Collision Centers will not be liable for any loss or damage (i) to the Vehicle, or any components or personal items left in the Vehicle, as a result of fire, theft, disappearance, or other cause beyond its control, such as Acts of God including tornadoes, hail, wind damage, floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters or (ii) resulting from any delay in completion of the Repairs, whether due to disruptions in the supply or availability of labor, parts or materials, or other factors beyond Texas Collision Centers’ control.

    6. VEHICLE TRANSFER- I hereby authorize Texas Collision Centers employees to operate the Vehicle for the purposes of transporting it between Texas Collision Centers facilities, and for testing, inspection or as otherwise deemed necessary by Texas Collision Centers. Texas Collision Centers, at its selection, may perform the repairs at any of its facilities within the metropolitan area.

    7. STORAGE- I further agree that if I fail to pick up the Vehicle, or Texas Collision Centers has not received payment in full under this contract, within 30 days following completion of the Repairs, Texas Collision Centers shall have the right to charge a reasonable storage fee (of not less than $75 per day) until such time as it has received such payment in full and I have picked up the vehicle.

    8. LEGAL ACTION AND FEES IF APPLICABLE- In the event legal action is taken by Texas Collision Centers to enforce this contract or its security interest and/or lien with respect to the Vehicle, in addition to any other amounts due hereunder, I agree to pay the reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Texas Collision Centers in connection with such action.

    9. POWER OF ATTORNEY- In consideration for Texas Collision Center’s performance of the Repairs, I appoint Texas Collision Centers and its authorized agents as my attorney-in-fact, with the power and authority, in my name and place, to (a) endorse any check or draft made payable to me in payment for damages to the Vehicle, (b) to sign any release in settlement of claims for such damage, in conjunction with or as a condition to receipt of the proceeds of such check or draft, and/or (c) to sign a vehicle title for the transfer of the Vehicle in the event the Vehicle is abandoned or is repossessed by Texas Collision Centers in accordance with applicable law. I understand and agree that this power of attorney is coupled with an interest and may not be revoked until Texas Collision Centers has received payment in full for the Repairs of the Vehicle. To secure payment in full for the Repairs and all other amounts due hereunder, I grant Texas Collision Centers a security interest in, and acknowledge that Texas Collision Centers shall have the rights granted under a statutory and/or constitutional lien upon, the Vehicle.

    10. DISPUTE SETTLEMENT AND ARBITRATION- I hereby agree that in the event of a dispute or controversy with Texas Collision Centers regarding this authorization or any aspect of my repair that I shall first attempt to resolve the dispute by way of mediation. If the mediation process provides no resolution then I hereby agree to further arbitration governed by the appropriate applicable entity. Furthermore I agree that any arbitration shall be handled on an individual basis and waive any right or authority for arbitration by class action, in joinder with other Texas Collision Centers customers or the general public.

    11. TERMS AND CONDITIONS- I have hereby read, fully understand and agree to all terms, conditions and authorizations herein to Texas Collision Centers’ repair services. I understand that a copy of these terms and conditions are available to me for my reference and records.

    Electronic Authorization (required)
    I authorize Texas Collision Centers to begin repairs on my vehicle.